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Request a Phone or In-Person Consultation

Thank you for your interest in our consultation services. Areas related to inkjet printing that Andrew has helped others with include:

  • Assistance selecting a digital camera for your needs.
  • Assistance setting up a digital asset management system.
  • Setting up your Mac OSX or Windows color managed workflow from monitor to print using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or other software program.
  • Advice on choosing an inkjet printer.
  • Advice on choosing inkjet-compatible papers.
  • Advice about whether you should buy a printer or use an outside service.
  • Advice for making photo books.
  • Portfolio production assistance.

All requests are reviewed personally by Andrew Darlow and start at $150 for a one hour phone consultation.

Please fill out the form below and we’ll respond within 24-48 hours. Just to be safe, we recommend saving any significant amount of text you enter below in a Word document or in another text editor.

If you don’t receive an answer within 48 hours, please send an e-mail directly to imaging (at) andrewdarlow (dot) com.

Your information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

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  •    Welcome to!

    Do you want to take
    better photos of your pets and entire family?

    This site was built to help you get the most from your digital or film camera (even camera phones). There are many links, articles and resources for all levels of photographers, including info about my new book: Pet Photography 101: Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Dog or Cat (Focal Press).

    Would you like to speak with me in person or via phone about your workflow, or how to get the best photos and prints possible from your current system?Get a free quote today.

    And my upcoming workshops, book signings and events are listed HERE.
    Andrew Darlow Photo

    Andrew Darlow, Author of Pet Photography 101: Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Dog or Cat., at a client's home with their very friendly Dalmatian. Photo by David Levy